Crystal Workshop

I have always been one of those kids that had rocks in her pockets. It doesn’t matter where I went, a rock will catch my attention out of the corner of my eye. Those rocks seem to call to me to pick them up and to take them home. This hasn’t changed as I became older. After learning Shamanic Reiki, the draw to crystals was only intensified. This opened up a line of communication with crystals. Crystals are the Stone Nation or Stone People. They can communicate with you and are willing to help you.

Do you pick up rocks everywhere you go?
Are you curious about crystals’ metaphysical properties?
This class is for you.

In this class you will learn:
*What crystals have to offer you.- What are their metaphysical properties.
*How do you pick choose the right crystals for you- Why are you drawn to different crystals at different times.
*How to clear and charge your crystals
*How to best use your crystals

This is a one day class.

Classes Coming Soon