Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

*By making an appointment, you are verifying that you are 18 years of age or older and You accept the following Terms and Conditions:

Reiki Renewal LLC Release and Waiver

* I acknowledge that Cathy Kearns / Reiki Renewal LLC is an Intuitive and Spiritual Energy Healer and is in private practice for the purpose of providing mental/emotional/physical/spiritual support using these healing formats including but not limited to various forms of Reiki, ThetaHealing Meditation Technique, and other energy healing modalities.

* I understand that Cathy Kearns/ Reiki Renewal LLC is not a medical professional and that she neither practices medicine nor takes the place of medical treatments or evaluations when needed.

* I understand alternative healings are complementary therapies and are not a substitute for standard chiropractic, dental, medical, mental health or psychotherapy treatment.

* I realize it is my responsibility and choice to continue ongoing medical treatment and therapies until otherwise advised by my primary care physician.

* I understand that if I am taking medications, it is important to stay in close communication with my primary care physician.

* I understand that all sessions offered by Cathy Kearns/ Reiki Renewal LLC have a no refund policy, including energetic scans and customized healing sessions. Energetic scans, customized healings, and individual healings are completed in exchange for the payment that is received.

* I understand that everyone’s session results will be different based upon the issues and the healings that are completed. Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person. She promises nothing as energy works on it’s own ability.

* I understand that Cathy Kearns /Reiki Renewal LLC Intuitive abilities are for entertainment only. I will not hold Cathy Kearns/Reiki Renewal LLC for any personal choices made after an intuitive reading.

* I understand my choices are solely my responsibility.

Cancelation Policy

New clients are required to pay in advance until you have been established as a client. I understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary. Please call me at (208) 631-2757 during regular business hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time. If you fail to call in advance you will still be charged for the missed appointment. This is nonrefundable. If you cancel before that 24 hours period, a refund will be issued.